Hospitales MAC was founded due to the communities’ need to have high-quality healthcare services at an accessible and fair price, with modern technology. Supporting our communities is part of our DNA.”

Javier Castellanos
Chief Medical Officer

We strive to generate a positive impact in the communities where we have presence. Through our favorable performance, we aim to become a stable source of employment, and promote economic revenue within the community.

Furthermore, as part of our steadfast social pledge, we created the Fundación MAC, a non-profit association whose objective is to reaffirm our ethical and human commitment through social investment projects that have a positive, transformative and transcendent impact on the health of Mexicans.

2022 goal: 50 medical procedures for the most vulnerable populations with Fundación MAC and its allied NGOs.

Our Fundación MAC has three main action lines to positively impact the communities: Health, Medicine and Community; with these we aim to:

  • Provide medical attention to the most vulnerable population

  • Combat the main health problems in our country

  • Contribute to the progress and innovation of medicine and health services

  • Promote medical education and research programs

  • Directly benefit the communities where we operate

  • Involve society in our projects, so that they can actively participate with us

2021 Achievements

Medical programs:


surgeries for congenital
heart disease




cleft palate


placement surgery


skull plate placement

Alliances with NGOs

  • 2 transplants with the ALE A.C. Association

  • Multiple sclerosis research alliance with Caminemos, A.C.

  • 2022 Congenital Heart Disease Program with Live Longer, A.C.

  • 2 heart surgeries with Concauce, A.C.

Interaction with the community

  • 1,000 kg of food collected, creating 150 complete pantries for Mexican families who were victims of natural disasters

  • Donation of personal protection material, medicines and groceries to Civil Protection, Municipal DIF, Department of Health and local associations during the pandemic

A New Life for Dylan

Dylan is a boy who was hit by a stray bullet and was in critical condition. His case came to Fundación MAC through the “Sale el Sol” program and he was operated at the Hospital MAC Periférico Sur by Drs. Jesús Alberto Pérez Contreras and Fernando Calderón Carrillo where a titanium plate, donated by Comeker, was successfully placed.

Dylan’s case demonstrates the importance of community solidarity and how different actors in society join forces to achieve a common goal.

Conversation with Dylan’s mom

How did you feel when you found out what had happened to your little Dylan?
Well, it’s the worst feeling I’ve ever had, receiving news like this is the worst thing that could have happened to me in this life.

How do you feel now knowing that Dylan is going to be able to return to his normal activities?
Well, it’s the best news, it’s the best thing that could have happened to me. After everything that my son has suffered in a year and two months, we saw this moment so far away. Now, thank God and thanks to all of you, Dylan is recovering.

How has his experience been at Hospitales MAC?
Wonderful, it was great. Since we arrived at the hospital everyone was very nice, they already had the room ready for Dylan, full of balloons, then they even gave him a small present. All the nurses have been very nice, they have pampered Dylan a lot, even we got a little package there. They have been very kind and considerate.

Would you like to share a few words with the hospital, with the Foundation?
I am eternally grateful with the hospital, all the doctors, the foundation, to all of you. Really thank you very much, God bless you and thank you for making my son’s dream come true.

MAC en Casa

On May 2020 we launched MAC en Casa, a program to help more people with the complications caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The program’s intent was to transfer the benefits of hospital care to the patient’s home by adapting spaces and installing monitors, oxygen tanks and/or concentrators, as well as providing care from a nurse and virtual medical attention 24 hours a week for $70,000 pesos1.

As COVID-19 was a new and unknown virus, patients’ conditions could progress and change drastically at a moment’s notice; therefore, we also installed emergency buttons for immediate transfer to our hospitals with a guaranteed bed and care. Payment for the week-long program would be considered as down payment for hospitalization, if any patient’s condition required transfer to hospital care before the week was over.

In line with our purpose, we were the only company with this initiative, ensuring our patients’ recovery and health, as well as guarding their economy in these challenging situations.

1 This price is below the market average for COVID-19 attention in hospitals in Mexico.

We launched MAC en Casa with the intention to reach more people, to give patients the security that they would be cared for and would have a place within our hospitals if needed. As always, we based the program in our care principles to offer quality, warm and fairly priced medical care.”

Josué Sarmiento
Chief Commercial Officer