Reduction of 20, 40 and 20% in the consumption of water, energy, and materials against the EDGE baseline, respectively (2030)

Implementation of a sustainable improvement plan based on international standards, including specific strategies to mitigate climate change risks for each hospital (2030)

Integration of sustainability criteria in the process of acquiring land and hospitals (2023)

Consumption data report in Energy Star Portfolio Manager

Creation and implementation of a management system for environmental aspects and impacts based on the ISO 14001 requirements (2023)

Biodegradable packaging in takeaway food (2024)


Annual update of diversity indicators, anonymous

Salary analysis of women and men in similar positions (2025)

Global Compact
adhesion (2024)

Help line to report human rights violations (2022)

Vulnerability analysis of employees’ human rights violations, along with action plans to mitigate detected risks (2022 and annual update)

Development of an Executives Program as a career plan (2022)

Standardization of Hospitales MAC kitchens and cafeterias with healthy, balanced menus and portions designed to reduce food waste (2023)

Activities and programs to promote diversity (2022 and annual)

Flexible schedules and telecommuting program for working mothers and fathers (2022)


Development, publication and implementation of our Corporate Governance policies (2022)

  • Sustainability Policy

  • Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

  • Code of Ethics and Conduct

  • Code of Ethics for Customers and Suppliers

  • Anti-corruption and Bribery Policy

  • Conflict of Interest Prevention Policy

  • Money Laundering Prevention and Terrorism Counter Financing Policy

  • Identification of Customers, Users and Suppliers Policy

  • Diversity, Inclusion and Equal Opportunities Policy

Materiality analysis update every 3 years with an action plan and update of ESG strategy.

Risk assessment in the supply chain (2022) and inclusion of ESG criteria for selection and evaluation of suppliers (2024)