We strive to attract and retain the most competent and professional employees and medical personnel, with the precise abilities and skill set for the position; thus, we provide the best healthcare experiences and increase the Company’s profitability.

The success of our service is largely due to our strong ability to maintain our business relationships with doctors, nurses and assistants. We are completely focused on attracting talent with great knowledge and specialization in certain medical areas and providing our patients with quality care.

* This figure is updated and differs from the 2021 Annual Report since we migrated to a new and improved system to collect data, striving to optimize our record-keeping.

2,558 *


Hospitales MAC’s team

Equal Opportunities and Quality of Life

At Hospitales MAC, we recognize the value and importance of having a diverse team. We implement initiatives and make efforts to provide and guaranty equal opportunities and non-discrimination or harassment of any kind and promote inclusive and violence-free workspaces. We have mechanisms to ensure equal opportunities and prevent discrimination in all our processes and operations.

19 %

of our upper management
are women.

Towards the end of 2020, we launched an anonymous survey at Hospitales MAC with diversity indicators. Currently, 5.1% of our workforce belongs to priority groups (4.2% from the LGBTIQ+ community, 0.2% are foreigners and 0.7% have some type of disability).

2026 goal: include 7.5% of employees from priority groups (with disabilities, LGBTIQ+ community, senior citizens).

Compensation at Hospitales MAC is primarily aimed at creating value for our shareholders and employees. Our work compensation allows our employees to improve their quality of life, produce social mobility and ensure their wellbeing and that of their families. Some of the benefits we provide are:

  • Major medical health insurance

  • Medical attention

  • Maternity and paternity leave in accordance with the law

  • Hospital services for employees and their families at a lower price

$ 464,450,805

pesos invested in employee compensation and benefits.

Employee Engagement

In 2021, we achieved the 26th place in the Super Places to Wok ranking by Expansión Magazine as a recognition for being an innovative company, with an organizational culture that motivates and improves our employees’ lives.

Annual employee satisfaction survey:

99.8 %


84 %


During the pandemic, we launched a remote work program and flexible hours for working mothers if their job activities allowed it; in 2022 the program will consider working fathers also to ensure equality.

Aligned with our core values, 100% of our employees have private medical insurance as well as discounts and payment options for them and their family members.

Employee Training

Healthcare is one of the most specialized industries. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly train and update our employees so they perform their functions with the best preparation, professionalism, innovation and alignment with the sector’s best practices. We strive to constantly improve their skills, knowledge and competencies to ensure our business’ resilience and sustainability for the future and provide the best services for our patients.


courses imparted in the different
hospital units and headquarters.

Moreover, we have an annual performance review process that measures and assesses essential goals, capabilities and identifies training needs to ensure that our team is in the best conditions to meet their goals.

100 %

of our workforce completed performance reviews.

In 2022, we will institute an Executive Development Program to find, develop and encourage potential candidates for leadership rolls. In addition, we will provide specific training for all our employees, strengthening the MAC culture, our values and the organizational and leadership competencies necessary to be the best workplace and continue to offer high quality medical services.

Health and Safety

We strive to guarantee safe working spaces and ensure our employees’ wellbeing, as well as to comply with official occupational health and safety regulations and laws.

We have an Occupational Health Program applicable to all employees, which seeks to identify, reduce and resolve any situation that poses a risk for our employees’ health and safety. In order to decrease accidents, we carry out risk analysis by position through a review by the health and safety commission, where any employee must notify the existence of unsafe conditions.

The Occupational Health Program also includes preventive care, health campaigns, vaccination campaigns and awareness programs on a healthy diet, ideal weight, training on addition prevention, stress reduction and lesions caused by repetitive motions, among others. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we focused on providing training and support specifically for this disease, through training in preventive measures, spread containment and support to vulnerable groups.

We comply with the NOM-035-STPS-2018, Psychosocial Risk Factors in the Workplace.

At Hospitales MAC we care for our employees, who in turn care for our patients and doctors. Because we are convinced our employees are the pillar of our company, we are focused on attracting the best human talent.”

Alejandra Mireles
Chief Human Capital Officer