For Hospitales MAC, the main goal is to offer excellence in health services with the quality, warmth and accessibility that distinguish us.

From the design of our hospitals, the care of the experience during the stay, the colors and arrangement of the rooms, to the investment in constant training programs, we put patient care and empathy with them and their families as top priority.

In 2021, we achieved an outstanding communication with our patients regarding COVID-19 safety protocols and at-home care.

MAC Premia

We launched a loyalty card called “MAC Premia” to increase our patients’ loyalty and reward them with additional benefits.
This card lets them enjoy several discounts and special promotions, some of them are:


free visits to the emergency room

5 %

discount in
hospital services

10 %

discount in laboratory
and imaging


room upgrades (subject to availability)

General check-up at preferential prices

Late check-out at no additional cost

Always striving to increase the quality of our services and patient health and safety, we are continuously monitoring their experience and taking action to improve, leading to the following achievements:


  • Training of staff of newly opened and acquired hospitals, as well as a continuous training program afterwards.

  • Development of operating manuals and their subsequent standardized implementation in hospitals.

  • Exceptional personnel evaluation and training to care for 100% of patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Creation of a supplies committee at the corporate level to define the operational quality of supplies, materials and medicines to be used with patients.

Kidney transplants


units with
transplant license




units with
procurement license


total transplants


cases treated in Extracorporeal
Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO)

As part of our goal to be best in class, we plan to certify all our hospitals under the General Health Council Certification.

We reached two agreements to boost teaching and research: with the National Pediatrics Institute and with the Medicine School of Westhill University.